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Increasing Doctor-to-Doctor Referrals is an Art

It takes more than just skill to increase patient volume from doctor referrals. Here’s two mistakes we always talk about during our seminars:

  • Forget Representatives. Do you think doctors will refer patients if you don’t even have the decency to meet them in person?
  • Forget Sales of your medical services. Focus instead on talking about what matters to the referring physician, not the other way around.

Increasing physician referrals is dependent upon references

No. It does not matter if you’re a Harvard graduate. What matters is what you reference during your face-to-face meeting:

  • Physician Reputations. This is a big one. If patients love you, the referring doctor gets a big pat on his back.
  • Blog & Patient Resources. Make it easy for the doctor to send referrals. Your medical blog can be the most important tool for you to reference on your brochures and business cards. Why? Patients are always looking for resources first … before looking for a doctor.
  • Public recognition. The more published and celebrated you are, the better. You don’t necessarily need to be publishing research, but rather resources for both patients and physicians alike. Doctors love referring patients to industry leaders. Gain recognition.

Stop blaming the economy and improve your physician relations

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